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First ripened strawberries are here! I shared all two of the fully ripened ones with Mani. Such a bounty, strawberry plant. Not complaining, though. The last strawberry plant I had a few years ago churned out one measly strawberry and then died a miserable death. The current plant seems to be a happy camper.

Repotted our giant aloe vera plant. That sucker started out in a 4-inch pot, and look at him now 5 years later. He was so heavy and painful to pick up and move. (I’d insert a joke here about water retention but realized that no one laughs at nerdy plant jokes but me). See also: spiked leaves. One of his dying leaves fell off in the process. Need to Google uses for it.

Also, he gave birth to 2 baby aloe plants.That makes 3 children all together. When do I get my child support checks? The babies in the front are his. The larger one in the back was a gift from a neighbor, whose plant also gave birth recently. /adventures in aloe

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