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SAINT TACO: The Patron Saint of Tacos

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Just booked tickets to visit my in-laws in Europe over Memorial Day weekend! My FIL has been working on a project in Antwerp over the last few months, so we’ll be staying at his apartment for the first week of the trip, using it as a base for excursions to Holland (Amsterdam), Germany, and Luxembourg. This will be my second time visiting these countries and my third time in Amsterdam.

From there, it’s backpacking to the sister cities—Prague, Vienna, and Budapest—for a week. Mani studied abroad in Prague during college. He’s super stoked about playing tour guide. I’ve never been to Eastern Europe, so I have no idea what to expect.

All I know is that I must go to these places: the Van Gogh Museum, the astronomical clock, the Freud Museum, and Mozart’s house. And I want to consume copious amounts of beer. And schitzel. And waffles. And fries in a cone with mayo. And sacher cake. And fried cheese patties.

This trip is very last minute, and I still haven’t fully processed the fact that it’s actually happening. IT’S. HAPPENING.
Which means our previously planned travels get moved around: New York for my birthday in September and Peru-Chile-Bolivia in December. If all goes according to plan, we’ll visit 10 countries this year, and we’ll have visited Europe three times in the last four years. Sometimes I wish I could get paid in frequent flyer miles.

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