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We are homeless for the week. We’re having our first floor herringbone refinished and stained. Hopefully it will look more like the picture on the right when we return (and less like a scratched and scuffed-up basketball court). Why the previous owners did not care for the hardwood properly, I will never know. We’ll be staying at my in-laws’ in the meantime. It’ll be partay time in suburbia for the week! Ow ow!

So basically, today and tomorrow are Bring Your Wife to Work Day. I am scheduled to work at home today and Wed, but since I have no home to work from, I am working out of Mani’s office. Monday was a holiday, I work at home Tues/Wed, and I have a CLE to attend on Thu/Fri. Which means I only have to be in the office this week for a whopping hour tomorrow to pick up more cases. *raises roof* (Do people still raise the roof? *shrugs*)

Plus, Mani hooked me up with a five-finger discount for the CLE. Good times. Why are CLE’s so damn expensive anyway? Crossing my fingers that my union gets our agency to pay for our CLE credits, bar dues and occupational taxes going forward. Being a lawyer is hella money, man.

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