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Last night’s dinner, brought to you by happyhealthycook.

1. I made Zuppa Toscana last night, basically Italian sausage, potato and kale soup. But this time, I used Melissa’s recipe :D. I did not regret this decision. It’s similar to other recipes I’ve tried in the past, only that Melissa’s recipe begins and ends with BACON: rendering it, crumbling it up and sprinkling it over your soup. I subbed in turkey sausage and added fennel seed and bay leaves. Holy mackerel, never making this recipe again without bacon. Totally brings out the smokiness of the sausage. Smooches, Melissa!

2. Then I coated a pan of brussels sprouts with the excess bacon drippings and roasted the hell out of them. I informed my mom recently about our new-found love for brussels sprouts. Her response: “Brussels sprouts? YOU?? I tried to feed them to you when you were little, but you’d say, ‘I hate those little cabbages!’” Ok, apparently I didn’t always love brussels sprouts. I don’t remember ever hating them, so it appears that eating them was so traumatic, I blocked it from my memory. People change. Mani went to the grocery store to buy a pack two days ago and roasted them at home for lunch. Clearly there is someone else in my household more obsessed with them than even me.

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  1. thebubblybarrister said: My hubs makes bacon b-sprouts too! I didn’t realize I loved them until I covered them w bacon!
  2. fitnerd said: Brussels sprouts were the first vegetable Ryan became really obsessed with when we started dating. My favorite is maple dijon roasted sprouts. So good. And I need to try that soup!
  3. nirak said: My mom always tried to give me steamed or boiled Brussels sprouts. I discovered not too long ago I only like them roasted/pan fried.
  4. straightarrowlife said: Those sprouts. Yes please. And I am THRILLED about the soup. Yours looks great. I can’t wait to make this again myself, with the pork-venison Italian sausage I made.
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