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Scenes from our Ugly Sweater Party last night:

•There were particularly hideous White Elephant gifts this year: a butt plug, a belly stuffer and a 40 oz. For our gift, we wrapped up a canned whole chicken in Breaking Bad series set packaging. It got stolen a couple of times before the chicken was revealed. It was gloriously cruel. 🍖

•Randy’s Die Hard-inspired sweater won our ugliest sweater contest. Jasmine’s granny sweater took second place. 👚

•Lacey and Kevs came through on their way to Baton Rouge for the holidays. Kevin’s humping reindeer sweater was one of my personal favorites of the night. 🚙

•No fewer than 3 people threatened to steal my pug on account of her ridiculous cuteness. Just no. Get your own pug. 🐾

•The Pakistani rolls our friend Osama brought were so delicious, I woke up thinking about them. I’m going to need more of those rolls in my belly soon. All-in-all a successful party. 🎄

The holiday parties are never-ending this year. Not that I’m complaining. I love me a good party. Tonight we’re going to Meg & Crystal’s annual Solstice party. Next week, we’re hosting the family Christmas party. And the following week, it’s Randy & Melissa’s pre-NYE party. ‘Tis the season for a party, it appears. 🎈

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