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Finally got around to planning our menu for the week and grocery shopping last night.  The goal lately’s been to make healthy, tasty meals that are easy to prepare on a weeknight, while staying in budget.  We shopped at Central Market and spent just a little over $100 for the whole week!  All local/organic, too.

  • MONDAY/TUESDAY: shrimp, andouille sausage and chicken jambalaya.  SO GOOD.  We substituted a couple of chicken breasts for the ham in the recpie.  We have tons of leftovers for Tuesday dinner.  This recipe was more involved for a weeknight, but it was our long run recovery day, so we had extra time on our hands.  For breakfast, we made a bunch of egg and bean tacos with  habanero Tobasco sauce.  We bought a bunch of fruit, goat milk yogurt and cereal, too.  All the dinner recipes for the week should make enough leftovers to eat for lunch the next day.
  • WEDNESDAY: beer brats on pretzel buns with caramalized onions and whole grain mustard.  Our friend from Wisconsin taught us this recipe.  Boil raw bratwurst in beer and sliced onion, sautee more onions, toast up the buns, slather on the mustard, and go.  These take a half hour to prepare, tops.  I think Mani wants to make homemade potato chips to go with the brats.
  • THURSDAY/FRIDAY: quiche with brocooli, mushroom and muenster cheese.  We bought enough ingredients for two large quiches (standard pie size).  We’re using pre-made pie crusts, so all we have to do is whip all the ingredients together, pour into the crusts and bake.  We bought a pre-made French chef salad at CM to go with it. 
  • SATURDAY: dinner with friends.

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