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SAINT TACO: The Patron Saint of Tacos

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PR’d my 5k time last night at a 10:10 mi pace! It was a surprising feat, considering how crappy I was feeling (it’s that “special” time of the month), and it was rainy out. Pretty sure I could do it faster if I wanted to, but haven’t been concerned with speed lately what with half marathon training. Determined to run a sub-30 5k one of these days, though.

College roomy collected her race packet for the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon yesterday, her first-ever marathon! So proud of her! The mere thought of distance running hills makes me physically ill. But crazy betch fell in love with running Bay Area hills on campus, so I am certain she will do great! She will be running for our floormate, Vicky, who lost her battle with cancer recently. Roomy (far left), Joanne and Vicky (far right) are pictured in the last photo.

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