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Increased our mileage last night. And I happened to run into my high school math teacher on the trail! She was a teacher who truly loved teaching and really cared about her students. We gave her a hard time because she was a newbie teacher at the time, but Mrs. H was the bomb. I hope the contributions we made to your frog collection made up for our behavior in the classroom.

When we got home, I ate my weight in the stew pictured above. Our friend, Meg, made this dish at a party once, and instant obsession! It has coconut milk, onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro, turmeric and cayenne pepper. We substituted tofu for chicken breast this time. So good.

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  1. arborescent said: Recipe???? That looks incredible :)
  2. straightarrowlife said: Nice run and love the stew! I also adore tofu and don’t ever really eat it anymore like I did when I lived in CA.
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