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Dublin, Ireland - March 2011.  We went on a whim for Spring Break that year.   It was one of those ridiculous deals you find on Expedia that you’d be crazy to pass up: $600 for roundtip flight + one week hotel in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.  Done and done.

It was perfect timing, too; our friends from Atlanta were in Europe for a study abroad program.  We double dated at the Guinness Brewery, covorted around the city, and had dinner at The Brazen Head—the oldest bar in Dublin—established in 1198.  Later that week, we took the train to war-weary Belfast and to Howth, an unspeakably beautiful fishing village.  We went to Howth because Anthony Bourdain told us on his show that the lobster there is bananas.  And believe me, it was bananas. 

What’s weird is that the Irish don’t like vegetables.  Like at all.  After three days of straight fish & chips, and bangers & mash, and shepherd’s pie, all we wanted was a salad.  Apparently that’s asking too much, because there were no vegetables to be found on any menu.  If you even asked the question, “Can I have a carrot please?” your waiter would greet you with equal parts confusion and disdain.  So we made a trip to Tesco and stocked up our mini fridge with all the fruits and veggies.  True story.

Don’t mind me.  Just daydreaming about hopping on a plane again.  #tbt

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